Our name and mission

Our name draws from the word “holistic” which is defined by having an awareness of being intimately interconnected. Holistic principles include the understanding that health and well-being comes from a balance of many aspects of life on a micro and macro level.

Holi also has a double reference to the “Celebration of Color” the Holi Festival of Radha and Krishna which is celebrated in India and throughout  the world by the throwing of colors. We at Holi Tea celebrate life in all it’s colors and our mission is to share a love and celebration of  life in color and flavors.

We hope that you join us on our journey to share the celebration with us!

Our Products

All of our products are ethically produced and we go to great lengths to ensure no part of the supply chain supports abuse or harmful practices the harm either people, animals, communities or the world.

Our products are either certified as Organic and Fair Trade of we have independent verification of growing and labor practices.

We also believe strongly in providing high quality products that are crafted with artistry and small batch produced in order to ensure these best tastes and best practices.


Why choose us

Quality has always been at the core of us, as we want to offer the best from the best. To ensure the highest quality, we source our products as directly as possible from the very places the our tea ingredients are picked.

We offer support for any questions or needs you may have via our email or via our Facebook group.

We offer free shipping to customers within the US and Canada and flat rate shipping of $10 to anywhere else in the world. Does not include duties or taxes.

Meet our people

Karuna Beckmann
Menaka Dasi